Monday, October 26, 2015


"Definitions," by Deb Lund:

Kidlit—Doodlers and scribblers who haven't quite grown up, immerse themselves in creating stories and/or art for babies through young adults, which are mostly bought by other adults who haven't quite grown up either.

NaNoers—Bizarre individuals who procrastinate on their self-given writing deadlines only to force themselves to give up showers, food, and friends for the entire month of November, call it National Novel Writing Month, and use peer pressure in order to catch up on their word count. And then they call it a novel.

PiBoIdMoers—More the fluffy bunny type who try out Picture Book Idea Month in order to get away from fluffy bunnies, especially those coming from Langley.

NaNoPiBoMukilKickoff—If you can't figure that out, you'll never make it there or know what it's about. But come anyway. We'll fill you in.

Please join us for the second annual NanoPiBoMukilKickoff! Write, create, list, and/or eat and drink in the company of other kidlit writers!

 Eat, Drink, and Be....Very Productive!

WHEN: Sunday, November 1 from 1–5pm 
WHERE: Diamond Knot Craft Brewing (621 Front Street, Mukilteo, WA 98275) 

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