Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Let's do LAUNCH!

Hear ye, hear ye––

Check out SCBWI's new Book Launch Party!

How it works: If you have a book that came out any time in 2015, purchase a page for a fee of $25. If you'd like SCBWI to design it (rather than using their easy templates), you pay a larger fee of $100. By the end of this week, SCBWI will have a video up on their site that walks members through the process of designing their page. 

This is a completely amazing way to promote your book. By purchasing a page, you'd have creative free reign over its content, design, sass, theme, etc. Your book will appear alongside the launch pages of more than 25 best-selling authors/illustrators who are also launching their books with this online tool. 

The skinny: You have approximately one month to design your page before the Launch Party's page birthday on December 1.  We're digging for more information, such as how long the pages will stay live. For any questions or clarifications in the meantime, you can call the national SCBWI office (323-782-1010) and ask for Sarah or Kayla.  

The bottom line(s): Launch Party Day is December 1, 2015. SCBWI asks that everyone who is participating Tweet (#SCBWIBLP) and Facebook about it. Of course, you can always link your launch page in any social media. They’d like December 1 to be a Red Letter Day in the children’s book industry, with a ton of traffic heading to our Launch Party site. So please let us help other members and book industry people know.

How to get there: To get your own page on the SCBWI Launch Party website, log into SCBWI with your password, and then CLICK on the purple sidebar that says MY BOOK LAUNCH PARTY.  Away you go! 

Stay tuned––there is sure to be a lot of information to follow. In the meantime, try not to freak out with excitement!

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