Thursday, July 23, 2015

Good news for Sharon!

Sharon Mentyka just sent in this fabulous announcement:

My middle grade chapter book, BREATHE TO BOTH SIDES, was the 1st Place Winner in the Middle Grade category at this year’s Pacific Northwest Writers Association Literary Contest. The book tells the story of two 12-year old girls—one white, the other black—whose lives intersect across the space of 35 years when a whites-only swimming pool, buried to avoid the prospect of integrated swimming in the 1970s, is discovered in their small Southern town.
Congratulations, Sharon! Great news!


{ CopyStrands } said...

Congrats Sharon! I too was the 1st place winner in the Children's catergory this year at PNWA! Love the sound of your book!

{ CopyStrands } said...

Congrats Sharon! Your middle-grade book sounds interesting. I too was a PNWA first place winner in the Children's category for 2015. :)