Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Two woots!

Can I get a "Woot-woot?

Congratulations to two of our own: Suzanne Kaufman represented for Western Washington when she was selected as one of six illustrators at the Portfolio Showcase at last weekend's SCBWI Summer Conference in LA to be awarded a mentorship. 

Kathryn Ault Noble, a steadfast Western Washington member who recently relocated out of the region, also received a mentorship. Both of these artists have attended conferences over the years, gotten portfolio reviews and worked hard to move their artwork to the next level. They’ve earned this recognition and we couldn’t be prouder!

Both Suzanne and Kathryn had the incredible opportunity of being mentored at the conference by industry professionals, a prize that is sure to put them even further into the world and before young readers' eyes. We can't wait to see their results!

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Virginia Rinkel said...

So many congratulations Kathryn! And to you too Suzanne. What an opportunity - go for it all!!!