Sunday, February 2, 2014

Posting your book events

Are you an SCBWI member at the PAL level* with a new book coming out? Hooray! Let the Chinook Update know, and we'll help you announce it.

  • Please try to email launch or signing event information at least a week, and preferably two, before the event. We'll try to accommodate shorter lead times, but a day or two beforehand really isn't sufficient.
  • A book cover, headshot, or similar image is welcome; email it as an attachment. Images with a lot of text (e.g., posters) are harder to use legibly.
  • We'll post any event (and any public invitation information that applies) on this blog once per event and do our best to add it to our region calendar. (If our brains overflow, like toilets, and we forget, feel free to remind us.)
  • You're also welcome to post the event and any reminders yourself on our region Facebook page.
*For now, by SCBWI policy we post launches and other events for PAL members only. All members are welcome to put new book and event information on our Facebook page per the fourth bullet above. Self-published members can also submit their work for the new Spark award.

Questions? Email us. And congratulations!

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