Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Kirby Larson joins Highlights Foundation Whole Novel faculty

Here's a wonderful opportunity for children's fiction writers, as announced by Kirby Larson:

With the push toward Common Core Standards, historical fiction may be the next "hot trend." 
Or maybe not. 
But if you have a passion for the genre, please consider attending the Highlights Foundation Whole Novel Workshop, with a focus on historical fiction. Faculty includes editor Tamra Tuller (a spring conference faculty member), of Chronicle Books; acquiring agent Linda Pratt of Wernick and Pratt; Tracy Barrett (whose books about Sherlock Holmes' great-grandkids made a recent Best Mysteries for Kids' list); and Kirby Larson, who is just publishing her fifth novel of historical fiction. Teaching assistants include Augusta Scattergood (Glory Be) and nonfiction writer Nancy Castaldo.

The setting is lovely, the food divine, and the week's workshop provides lots of time for one-on-one with a mentor for your novel. 
What are you waiting for? Sign up!

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