Monday, August 26, 2013

Dana and Ozzie take Costco!

Dana Sullivan and his trusty sidekick, Ozzie, will share their adventures from the pages of Ozzie and the Art Contest at a special appearance this Friday. Here's the full announcement from Dana's fab blog, Sticky Love. He writes:

"Ozzie and I will be at the Issaquah Costco on Friday, August 30, from 12:30–2:30pm, selling (I hope) and signing books! Pennie, the book buyer for Costco and a friend of mine, gave me this sweet advice: 'Market the hell out of your book, because we won't keep it if it doesn't sell.' So, if you've got some time mid-afternoon next Friday, think about a trip to Costco (or your local indie bookstore or at Sleeping Bear's site) The Costco Connection wrote a very cool article about me in their August  issue, which you can read here (Vicki shot the photo). AND our local Newcastle News printed this extremely nice piece about me and Ozzie. Thanks to all of you who have bought my book. Hope to see the rest of you at Costco!

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