Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Roommates and Carpools!

Are you interested in finding a roommate to stay at the Marriott for the SCBWI Western Washington Annual Conference next month? How about carpooling to the hotel? We have attendees coming from near and far. Save money, save gas, and get to the Marriott faster in the HOV lanes. And maybe make some friends!

If interested, leave a note in the comments and find others in the same boat (or car..or room...)!


Anonymous said...

I need a commuting partner to Redmond for the Conference in April (Saturday and Sunday--maybe even Friday). You drive and I pay all gas/bridge tolls and make light conversation. If you are in the N or NW part of Seattle, I can meet you at your home. If you are in NE Seattle, I can meet at a convenient location. Contact Gail Martini-Peterson at gcmartini@mindspring.com

Flying Selki said...

I need a room mate for the conference. The room is at the Marriott in Redmond, Fri and Sat. night.

Also I can give someone a ride. I'll be coming from the Olympic Peninsula early Friday morning to go to the master class. I can take someone from Port Townsend or Whidbey or other spot on the way!

Betsy said...

I need a roommate too! Friday and Saturday nights. I'm a well-published and easygoing author-illustrator--coming from dry New Mexico prepared to admire Seattle's glorious green. You can reach me via my website, Thanks!