Friday, January 6, 2012

Awesome Art Alert: Tomie de Paola Award Submissions

Tomie Award submission by Elisa Wikey
An industrious SCBWI-er in Texas, Diandra Mae, put together this lovely, unofficial gallery of submissions for the latest SCBWI Tomie de Paola award.

Check out the full gallery here. I didn't see any SCBWI WWA submitters, let us know if you did! You can still add your submission to the gallery.

Read more about the award here, this year's theme is Chicken Little (in case you thought it was Madame Bovary, it's not, but I know, it's easy to confuse the two–so many chicks!)

Hangout with Tomie yourself, either with his SCBWI Master Class DVD, or the kickarse biography by Barbara Ellman.
Tomie award submission by Diandra Mae
The 2012 winner will be announced on Monday. And don't forget to put a reminder on your new Justin Bieber wall calendar for next fall, when they announce the 2013 award guidelines!

1 comment:

Ben Clanton said...

Fun to see all the entries! I entered, but hadn't heard about this unofficial gallery so thanks for the heads up. I will submit to the gallery as well. :)