Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Exciting changes

Everyone at our Professional Series Meeting last night not only enjoyed terrific presentations from our library panel, moderated by Liz Mills, and YA authors Liz Gallagher and Heather Davis, they also got to celebrate with laughter as our region's new co-regional advisors, Kimberly Baker and Jaime Temairik, officially took over from now-former co-RAs Laurie Thompson and Joni Sensel.

Leading this wondrously vibrant region has dominated our lives for the past three years, and giving up those reins is both bitter and sweet. We’ve both loved having the chance to serve this valuable organization—the best part of which has been the many friendships and relationships we’ve built along the way.

When we began our terms, our primary goal was something akin to the Hippocratic Oath: “First, do no harm.” We here in Western Washington had such a good thing going already, the most important thing we could do was simply to not screw it up! We did bring one big goal to the table, though—to increase the sense of fellowship and community. Towards that end, we created two new volunteer roles on the advisory committee, a social coordinator and a published member liaison. We had pub nights and buzz sessions, think tanks, and an anniversary dance. With plenty of help, we launched the Chinook Update blog and Twitter account and Facebook group. We wanted to get you talking, in person and online: making friends, sharing secrets, and supporting one another. Given that we now have trouble getting you to sit down and listen to even our most sought-after speakers, it seems to have worked!

And that is exactly why the time is right to get the next team in. They have exciting new goals to add to the mix! Your new leadership team consists of a trio of familiar faces, all of whom are experienced and dedicated SCBWI Western Washington volunteers. Kimberly Baker has been our assistant regional advisor and chairperson, while Jaime Temairik has served both as a former assistant regional advisor and illustrator program coordinator. Brenda Winter Hansen, former social coordinator, is moving into the assistant regional advisor role. These three ladies have great ideas, along with boundless energy and enthusiasm to carry them through.

We won’t be going far, though! As announced not long ago, Sara Easterly has stepped down from her role as published member liaison, and Joni will be taking over those responsibilities. Laurie will continue managing our event registrations and contacts database, as well as launching a new position as nonfiction coordinator. We're excited to have a little more time both to write (we hope) and to slow down and talk with many of you at events!

Thank you for making these past three years such an amazing experience for both of us. We have felt and appreciated your support and gratitude at every single event, and we hope you felt it right back from us.

-- Laurie and Joni


HelenL said...

Thank you, Laurie and Joni, for all you've done for our chapter. You will be greatly missed!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your hard work Laurie and Joni. SCBWIWWA is wonderful and you can take credit.
One question: Could you give me the names of the two elementary Librarians and their school's names.
Thank you,
Jennifer Reynolds