Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ann Gonzalez's Writing for Teens and Tweens Online Class

Sharpen your keyboard, the next session of Ann Gonzalez's Writing for Teens and Tweens the online craft and novel revision workshop will start on October 16th. For 125.00 (money-back guarantee) you'll have 8 weeks of in-depth ms critiques and lessons on aspects of craft. You'll meet other writers in the cyber-workshop and have a little fun, too.

Contact Ann at ann@anngonzalez.com if you have a novel started and need help pushing through to the end, or if you're at the final revision stage — the class is designed to help writers finish their stories.

Ann Gonzalez has an MFA from the Northwest Institute of Literary Arts, and is author of RUNNING FOR MY LIFE, the story of fourteen-year-old Andrea McKane, a teen struggling to make sense of her mother's mental illness.

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