Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New agent alert: Mary Kole

She's a new associate agent at Andrea Brown Literary, and here's what she's seeking:

At this time, Mary is only considering young adult and middle grade novels and truly exceptional picturebooks. She's seeking fresh, unique voices and idiosyncratic characters who, by book's end, she knows like a friend. Her favorite stories are character-driven but well-plotted... a mix of fast pacing, emotional resonance and beautiful writing. Boy books, girl books, first person, third person, it doesn't matter... she's looking for a literary spark with commercial appeal. While she's not interested in high fantasy, science fiction, thrillers or horror, she would love to consider realistic/contemporary, urban fantasy and fantasy/adventure, historical, paranormal and mystery manuscripts. One of her favorite genres is magical realism: a story set firmly in our world, only with a twist—magic, danger or something that turns "reality" on its ear—to make things more interesting.

In all things, voice is absolutely essential to each project that she takes on... make sure yours is as strong as possible. Funny manuscripts have to be really funny to tickle her but, once they do, they rise to the top of her submissions pile. On the other end of the spectrum, Mary adores manuscripts rife with emotional honesty and raw, truthful moments... stories that make her tear up and punch her in the gut. Favorite themes include: family, home, unlikely heroes, discovering one's voice, finding one's equilibrium after a big life event. She looks forward to reading your work!

Click here for her profile (and don't forget to double-check those submission guidelines).

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