Thursday, July 19, 2018

Postcards for Immigrant Children

Want to send a postcard from a prominent illustrator with an encouraging message to immigrant children separated from their families? Print out one of these, draw or buy one and write a message that they are not alone and send to the Unaccompanied Alien Children program in the office of Refugee Resettlement

UAC/ORR Program, Attn: Cards for Kids, 330 C Street, SW, 5th floor, Washington, D.C. 20201.

Here’s a link to more information about the efforts of author Julie Burstein and Pippin Properties Creative Director Holly McGhee. Thanks to Dana Sullivan for the heads up.

Here is sample text, translated into Spanish by Maria Victoria.

You’re in our hearts

Estás en nuestros corazones
¡Tú! (inside the heart)

You have friends
Tu tienes amigos 

your friends in Washington State
Tus amigos en el estado de Washington

Dear Friend, please know that the people of the United States welcome you and hope you are soon back with your family. Keep up your courage and remember you have friends thinking of you!
fondly, Dana

Plural: Queridos amigos, los ciudadanos (can also use “la gente”) de los Estados Unidos les damos la bienvenida y deseamos que muy pronto puedan reunirse con sus familias. ¡Manténganse fuertes y recuerden que tienen muchos amigos pensando en ustedes!
Con cariño, your name

Singular: Querido amigo, los ciudadanos (or “la gente”) de los Estados Unidos te damos la bienvenida y deseamos que muy pronto puedas reunirte con tu familia. ¡Mantente fuerte y recuerda que tienes muchos amigos pensando en ti!  
Con cariño, your name

Translated by Maria de Lourdes Victoria

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