Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Get to Know Anna Goldstein from Sasquatch Books!

Anna Goldstein has been the art director at Sasquatch Books since 2010. She has designed various books for Sasquatch such as A Boat, A Whale and a Walrus, Dead Feminists, A Woman's Guide to the Wild, Frank the 7-Legged Spider, If I Were A Whale, and the Sasquatch and the Lumberjack. She is a multidisciplinary art director who has collaborated with photographers, illustrators, and authors to make beautiful books. At the Publishing Bootcamp on May 12th, she will be sharing how a picture book comes together and the collaboration between publisher, illustrator and author. She will also discuss the basic process of making a picture book including hiring the illustrator. This is a great opportunity for illustrators to connect with a great local art director and learn the ins and outs of publishing.

​​​​​​​​​​What does your role as art director at Sasquatch Books entail?
It's my job to make sure the look and feel of each book reflects the content and voice of the writing and is appealing to their intended audiences. This includes managing 2 in-house designers, hiring and managing all freelance illustrators and photographers that we use for our books, and also designing some books as well. I collaborate and work closely with all these artists and designers, as well as with our editors to bring each book's vision to life.

How did you get started into the field?
I've always loved print design and especially books. After getting a Fine Arts/Painting degree from a liberal arts college, I waited tables and took a bunch of art classes, one of which was a children's book illustrating course through UW Extension. After that I completed a 2-year degree at Seattle Central for Graphic Design. I graduated right during recession, and a year later was lucky to snag a job at Sasquatch Books as the only in-house designer.  Since then the company has grown a ton and so has my position.

What do you look for in an illustrator?
Someone with a ton of creativity and a unique point of view, but also with an open mind and willingness to collaborate and be a team player.

What makes you tick?
Being able to define the unique characteristics of a book and turning that into an executed vision is very satisfying! I love the details of book design, the nuances that make a book into a complete package.

Do you get your hands dirty with art?
I like to get my hands dirty—I love to do my own lettering when I can or figure out other methods other than working on a computer to make a design have depth and texture.

Who are your  favorite illustrators?
Jessica Hische, Owen Davey, Jon Klassen, Ben Clanton, Kyler Martz

Do you have any favorite children’s books?
Home by Carson Ellis, I Want My Hat Back by Jon Klassen, No Such Thing by Ella Bailey

Join us on Saturday, May 12, from 9:30 - 5:00 for SCBWI Western Washington’s Publishing Bootcamp at Seattle Pacific University. Get behind-the-scenes tips and have your very own Four Minutes of Fame with Anna Goldstein! Sign up soon, spaces are filling up fast!

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