Saturday, November 26, 2016

Call for artist/designer:

Here is a gig for an artist/designer

Job description: paperback book cover that requires knowledge of Photoshop and InDesign. The design and layout of a paperback book cover (front cover, spine, back cover), and creation of file for printer. The cover has to follow the format of two previous two books, so there is little new design--only the placement/layout of the title might be different.  However, there is no template, so you will be required to create the cover from scratch using InDesign, matching the old covers.

A front cover image has to be created from photos and then converted to a painting-like picture.  The image would be of a plane with someone boarding the plane from a stairway or of the plane with backpacks, etc., on the tarmac.  

The author would prefer to work with someone local and preferably have a first meeting prior to December 5.   

Please contact Jo Gershman at for further details.

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