Monday, May 9, 2016

SCBWI Season Finale! And even more!

ALL IN ONE AND ONE FOR ALL: Writing and Illustrating Picture Books

(Sigh.... Together At Last!)


We’re counting the minutes before we see you for our FINAL monthly meeting of the season!

WHERE: Seattle Pacific University, Demaray Hall
WHEN: Wednesday, May 18 (to reiterate!), at 7pm (get there early for snacks and chat!)

First: The Illustrating
Who better to actually SHOW and tell us than Doug “Boomer” Keith and Jessixa Bagley? We start by viewing brief videos shot at the illustrators’ studios and then we get to grill them in person. No question too personal or invasive. Doug, who’s been illustrating for longer than most people have been alive and has more than 15 picture books under his belt, will give us the skinny on The Storybook Prince, his first outing as both author AND illustrator. Jessixa, author/illustrator of three (and counting) picture books, will not only tell us how to pronounce her name, but show us the process for illustrating her Golden Kite-winning Boats for Papa.

Then: The Writing
Brianna Caplan Sayres presents, “Writing Words that Beg for Pictures: Tips for Authors Who Want to Write Picture Books.” Brianna is the author of the wildly popular Where Do Diggers Sleep At Night?, Tiara Saurus Rex and her newest Where Do Steam Trains Sleep At Night? She obviously knows what kids love, so listen up and learn the elements needed for a picture book manuscript that kids will, well, dig! 


Kid Lit Drink Night: Thursday, May 12, starting at 6:30 pm. Queen Anne Beer Hall, 203 W. Thomas St, Seattle 98119. 
Why? To mix and mingle with your peeps, of course! Alcoholic beverages NOT a requirement!

Why? Click HERE for details about how to submit and why you DON’T want to miss out on this opportunity!

Many thanks,
Dana Arnim and Dana Sullivan
Co-Regional Advisors, SCBWI Western Washington

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