Thursday, April 7, 2016


Time to vote, folks! This is the second-most-important election this year!

ROUND ONE of the Crystal Kite Awards for excellence in published books from our region is up and running through APRIL 14.

How to vote:

Go to, and log in as yourself. When you get to your individual Member Profile page for yourself, look down at the bottom left. You should see: VOTE IN THE CRYSTAL KITE AWARDS. Click on that, and go from there.

NOTE: There are a whole lotta options, so click through EVERY PAGE. This is the first stage, so there are way more titles than you'll see right away. Flip through the multitudes and bask in the glory that is the output from the West chapters!

So. To repeat: Crystal Kites. Round One voting. Click through ALL the pages! Ends April 14th.

Please vote for your fellow authors, who've worked so hard and produced such wonderful work in the past year. Make your voices of appreciation heard!

Thank you,

Your Friendly Neighborhood Advisory Committee

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