Thursday, June 4, 2015

Outta sight! It's SCBWI's INSIGHT!

Just in case you've been feeling digitally disconnected from the mother ship and can't make it to the LA summer conference, SCBWI has launched, as of June 1, their new online monthly publication, SCBWI INSIGHT.

Check your inbox if you haven't seen it––it's an exclusive benefit meant for all current SCBWI members. Check your membership status if it doesn't seem to be in your Junk folder. Check it out immediately! Simply soak in all that SCBWI goodness, from author interviews to relevant issues all kidlit folks need to know about. All the hot topics, children's book news flashes, advice, helpful links, and contests! No SPF required!


This month's fun feature is WRITE THIS!, a monthly writing prompt and contest. The July 2015 Write This! prompt is:  Write a description of a children's book character using no more than fifty words.  The prompt word  is WART. DEADLINE: June 20!


  • You must be a current SCBWI member to submit to Write This!
  • Entries must be inspired by the prompt word in some way.
  • Please no italics or bold fonts. 12 point text size.
  • E-mail subject line must be titled as follows: Prompt word_First name_Last name (Orange_Lin_Oliver)
  • Each member may only submit one entry per prompt word.
  • E-mail your entry IN THE BODY OF THE E-MAIL, please no attachments to:

**Failure to follow these guidelines will result in exclusion from the online gallery. For questions, write to we go!

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