Monday, March 30, 2015


We have a late-breaking news flash about our 
SCBWI Western Washington Conference!
After this year, we will be producing our beloved conference EVERY OTHER YEAR
Don't worry––we will be creating other valuable and exciting programming for next April in place of the conference. However, if you have been on the fence about signing up for this year's conference, NOW IS THE TIME TO REGISTER
We won't be offering this kind of experience again until 2017.

Why is this happening, you may wonder…. In order to create a schedule that our hardworking volunteers can sustain, we've decided to alternate retreats and conferences. Another advantage to this alternating schedule is that we know it's often difficult to choose which special event to spend your dollars on. If you've only been able to attend one event per year, you can do so without needing to make the choice between two great options.


Claudia Finseth said...

You know, this makes good sense. I know our volunteers give up a lot of their valuable writing / drawing time to put on these events. And a year goes round quickly (faster and faster all the time!) Sometimes I wonder if they get anything else done but our programming. But if I could put a bug in your ear--a nice one--we should get on board the Whole Novel Workshop idea. These are happening on the east coast, but seldom here. They are invaluable workshops--I know, I've traveled cross country for 3 of them. Cheers, Claudia

Dana Sullivan said...

thank you, Claudia! I appreciate your support. And I want to hear more about Whole Novel Workshops. They sound intriguing.