Monday, February 23, 2015

Conference faculty profile: Sharon G. Flake

The incomparable Sharon G. Flake!

With millions of books in print, the multi-award-winning author Sharon Flake has earned an international reputation as one of the top MG and YA authors writing today. Her breakout novel The Skin I'm In, in 1998, established her reputation as a must read author among middle and high school students, as well as teachers, parents and librarians. Sharon’s work has been nominated for or has been honored with: an NAACP, Coretta Scott King Book Award (three-time winner!); and named among the American Library Association’s Best Books for Young Adult Readers; Chicago Public Library’s Best of the Best Books; the Texas Lone Star Top Ten Books List; New York Public Library’s Top Ten Books for the Teen Age; the American Library Association’s Best Books for Reluctant Readers; Top 100 Books for the Feminist Reader, and most recently Booklist’s Top Ten Books of the Year. She recently released her first historical mystery, Unstoppable Octobia May.



Sharon's conference schedule:

–Saturday, 10:20–11:20am 
Breakout Session 1-A, "Creating an Authentic, Non-Stereotyped Voice: Big Ideas"

–Saturday, 4:10–5pm 
Keynote, "Flying Scared: How to Get Published In Spite of Yourself"

–Sunday, 8:50am–12:10pm 
YA Intensive, "Following Your Intuition: Creating Characters and Stories From Your Gut"

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