Thursday, July 31, 2014

SCBWI Summer Conference! Read all about it!

OMG. I so totally  can't believe I'm here!

I am about to experience my very first  SCBWI Summer Conference. And, quite frankly, I'm terrified. This hotel is huge. I got lost in a mall that made Northgate look like a roadside stand. I drank one too many mojitos, and realized after the fact that I tipped a restaurant a ridiculously large amount. I am surrounded by incredibly talented and interesting people, who are probably way more talented and interesting than I am.

But I am here. To learn, to network, to write, and to reconnect to that creative energy I've neglected between carpools and Facebook posts.

The whole kit and caboodle begins tomorrow, and I am here to enlist you to join me! If you are looking for a distraction from all the Seafair madness, or the unbearable heat (kidding). Or if you're just plain eager to hear what's going on down here for the next four days,'re in luck!

And you won't be a penny poorer.

SCBWI Team Blog, an intrepid quartet of individuals who will blog about dozens of panels, keynotes, and workshops, will be busily keeping you updated. Topics, pithy comments, and a general sense of who and what are the hot topics. Without even leaving the comforts of your chaise lounge, you, too, can come along.

Here's to Lee Wind, and SCBWI-WWA's Women of Witty (and Wise) Words: our very own Martha Brockenbrough, Jolie Stekly, and Jaime Temairik. They make it all possible, and their fingers will be raw by Monday.

How do you partake in all the goodness? Go to To follow along on Twitter, follow #la14scbwi and @scbwi.

Enjoy your weekend, wherever you may be––and wish me luck!

–Emily Russin

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