Sunday, April 13, 2014

#SCBWI-WWA14: Agent/Editor Panel

Justin Chanda, publisher/editor (Simon & Schuster imprints)
Claudia Gabel, editor (Katherine Tegen Books)
Susan Hawk, agent (Bent Agency)
Holly McGhee, agent (Pippin Properties)
Alexandra Penfold, agent (Upstart Crow Literary)
Lauren Rille, associate art director (Simon & Schuster)

From left: Justin Chanda, Claudia Gabel, Susan Hawk, Holly McGhee, Alexandra Penfold, Lauren Rille.

This is no ordinary group of people. They're all extremely talented at what they do. They are passionate, voracious, and are experts in creating children's books and nurturing those who strive to put their ideas onto the page. And they're HERE. In PERSON! Down the line they went, discussing their areas of expertise (MG vs YA, picture books vs graphic novels). What's the submission they'd love to find on their desk? Your best work, carefully directed at the places you've researched. Stories that inspire an emotional response. Manuscripts/dummies with NUMBERED PAGES (seriously, people!). Show them your point of view, your unique voice. They want to want you. Maybe it will take a long time, but once you've found your groove, they want to help. No, really. They are on the prowl. So read. A lot. Think. A lot. And do your research. A whole lot.

Inspired yet? More to follow from the Redmond Marriott. Stay tuned!

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