Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Roundtable faculty profile: Bree Ogden

 Roundtable faculty member Bree Ogden is a renaissance woman. She's an agent at D430 Literary Agency. She has a Master's degree in journalism. She writes comics––and among her many self-described talents, she includes "stick-figure artist." She frequents cemeteries. She judges horror comic awards. Her blog says she's a "modern-day Wonder Woman, with none of the power, strength, or feminist sensibilities."

At D430 Literary, Bree's interests range from children's to YA. She's definitely into genres (horror, noir, romance), and she's actively interested in nonfiction for all ages. Bree will grace us with her presence for the roundtable critique sessions on Saturday, adding her distinctive opinions to the mix of submissions. In an interview from 2013, Bree shares what makes her tick, and how she came to be an agent from a lifelong passion for graphic novels.

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