Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Come toast Kirsten AND MOLLY!

Come say hi to globe-trotter Kirsten Carlson at KLDN on Thursday night (scroll down a post for the deets).

NEWS FLASH -- and Molly Hall, who relocated to New York for about a year but is now back in Seattle -- hooray! -- will be coming tonight, too! Molly, known as one of the Queens of the Ball to some of you who attended our 20th anniversary conference and dance, is happy to be back to her SCBWI WWA peeps and this is a good chance to say "Welcome home!"

And Kirsten, formerly a Washington SCBWI illustrator member and our Chinook designer a few years back, has recently been the international illustration coordinator based in Germany. She's just passing through Seattle oh-too-briefly, so if you know her and want to say hi...

... you or don't know either of them from Mother Goose but need even the slightest excuse to hang with kidlitters -- come on down to Bastille Thursday evening. See ya then!

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