Wednesday, August 29, 2012

John Nez unveils new e-book and app

Here's what local illustrator John Nez writes about his newest project, an interactive e-book called Mousey the Explorer. Working with this new technology sounds both challenging, fun, and ultimately rewarding. Congratulations on being the John-of-all-trades!

In John's words:

My first interactive book, Mousey the Explorer, has been published in the bookstore. Books may come and go, but this is my first e-book app with sounds, lights and action! Click here.

It's my toe in the water for app-making. This fun e-book app is filled with interactive sounds, animations, puzzles, coloring and musical activities.

I'm the actor, writer, producer and director. I do the set-design, lighting, costumes, makeup, stunts, choreography and special effects. I'm also the cameraman, technical wizard, animator and I make the coffee.

Oh, and I'm the publisher too.

I made up this little app-trailer for YouTube. 



Unknown said...

It is a nice effort and I also appreciate your words that you are so touched with your first book. Ebook publishing is really growing rapidly in the market. It is a great concept includes all important features and effects. In future I would also like to publish my own ebook.

John Nez said...

Thanks Emer,

I've never had so much fun making a book. And it's the exact inverse of regular publishing which is years of frustration, compromise and rejection. Instead this is instant gratification.

And I love to watch my artwork come alive. I can spend half an hour watching fish glide across the screen and listen to space music as the planets swirl through the starry sky with meteorites floating. I especially like the polar pages with wolves howling and whales spouting.

I guess it's sort of an experiential reality that it's hard to duplicate without writing a

I never experienced much of that with any of the previous 70 all paper books I've done.