Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Super Duper Upcoming events at Secret Garden!

Event #1!

Are the odds ever in your favor? They can be this Friday at Secret Garden! Trivia! Prizes! Reaping! Fun!

Here are the details, tributes:

Friday, March 23
7 pm (and the Capitol really hates tardiness).
Secret Garden Books

And that's not all. Mark your calendars!

Event #2!

Our very own Jaime Temairik will be joining Lisa Lutz at Secret Garden to celebrate the release of TRAIL OF THE SPELLMAN! Wine! Cheese! Instructions on successful person tailing! And a sneak peek of their upcoming picture book!

Saturday, March 31
6 pm
Secret Garden Books

Join Lisa and Jaime for an unofficial booze up post-book event across the street at the Balmar at
7:30 p.m (5449 Ballard Avenue NW). More details here.

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