Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Banned Books Week (Sept 25-Oct 1)

Thanks to Janet Lee Carey for sending this post!! Read an interesting post on Library Lions about Banned Books Week.
Lesley James, librarian at Douglass-Truth Branch of the Seattle Public Library roars about Banned Books,
"The serious fact is that every year books are removed from the shelves of libraries when library staff responds to patrons’ official complaints by choosing to censor. Librarians and other educators who consider themselves staunch supporters of the First Amendment want to bring this to the attention of the public so they can appreciate their Freedom To Read. It’s also a great opportunity to examine the issues and emotions that prompt those complaints and the prices we sometimes pay for having the freedom."
She also shows amazing displays, and talks about how she handles the subject of Banned Books when she visits schools. Swing by and read the article. It's only up for this week.

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