Thursday, January 13, 2011

2011 Conference Series: Keynote Speaker Holly Black

SCBWI Western Washington's 20th Annual Writing and Illustrating for Children Conference, will take place on Saturday, April 16, and Sunday, April 17, 2011. To start getting everyone excited (as if you weren't already!!) for this highly anticipated event; we'll be adding Conference Series Posts. These will focus on the incredible faculty, and the conference itself.

Our first Keynote Speaker feature is Holly Black. Holly is the best selling author of contemporary fantasy novels for teens and children (including THE SPIDERWICK CHRONICLES written with Tony DiTerlizzi). She's also written several short fiction, and poetry books. Holly had four new books released in 2010; THE POISON EATERS AND OTHER STORIES, WHITE CAT, THE GOOD NEIGHBORS, and ZOMBIES VS. UNICORNS (written with Justine Larbalestier). She also wrote THE RED GLOVE (the sequel to WHITE CAT) in 2010, which releases April 5, 2011.

Want to find out more about Holly? Holly (and ZOMBIE VS. UNICORN co-editor Justine Larbalestier) did an interview with BWI TitleTales (Holly is on Team Unicorn). Another great resource is Holly's own website; which has a resource section for writers, and also a recommended reading list (with some of her favorite authors). A fun fact about Holly is that her house has a secret library.

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