Wednesday, September 29, 2010

To promote, or not to promote?

Shrinking Violet Promotions recently ran an interesting guest post/rant about authors using social media outlets for book promotion. According to author Sarah Prineas...

Ideally, I think, social sites are for friendly conversation and debate, for sharing good news and bad news, for meeting new friends, for posting amusingly captioned cat pictures. The community we’re building is a community based on friendship. Now, we humans have verrrry sensitive antennae when it comes to our social interactions. We can tell when somebody is being friendly versus when they’re trying to sell us something. When authors intrude on social spaces with their self-marketing it can make our antennae twitch like crazy. 
Granted, if you’re a writer and you’re blogging about your life and what you think about, of course some of your blogs or tweets are going to be about your book, or about your happy book news. That’s fine. That’s not what I’m talking about. 
No, I’m talking about the blogs and twitter-feeds that may be partly social, but which pollute the social ether with self-promotion and book marketing. They exist, mostly, to sell books.
Unfortunately for them, author shilling does not sell books. 
It just doesn’t. 
Read the whole thing here, then tell us what YOU think! 

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