Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thank you from Whatcom Middle School

After our conference in April, our Northern Network Coordinator, Angelina Hansen, personally delivered many of your donated books to Whatcom Middle School. We've received a thank-you note from the Wildcats that we wanted to share:

Ms. Hansen and SCBWI members:

Although tardy, our appreciation is sincere! Thank you for the generous gift of books to Whatcom Middle School.
Our library, located on the top floor, and our classrooms sustained major damage [in the fire]. A major part of restoring some normalcy was getting books into the classrooms. This was one of the teachers' first requests.

We're moving into the rebuilding phase -- hopefully completed by fall 2012 -- and these books will be so important. Currently, they are placed in the three host schools.

Finally, the outpouring of concern and encouragement is amazing -- reaching far outside Bellingham's borders. Thank you so much for extending your hand.

Whatcom Middle School PTSA

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