Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Studio tours: Paul Schmid

And now for a peek inside the amazing Paul Schmid's studio:

Here is my new workspace, after having been crammed into a corner off the dining room for years. The most eagerly wanted feature is my 12 foot cork wall, where I can view up to three books in progress at a single blow.

Most of the furniture came from Boeing Surplus or Ikea, except the cast iron drawing board stand, which I inherited from my grandfather.

Loafing against the cork is Jeero, a Taoist slacker. Usually he is gazing out the window all day at the birds, but I have yet to get the birds to my window feeder upstairs yet, so here he’s keeping me company. It gives me pleasure to watch him doing what I’d love to be doing, which is a whole lot of nothing, but then again he doesn’t have to eat and I do.

I’ve also sent a shot of my inspiration wall, which has such kick-in-the-rump messages like “Quality is not job one. Being totally frigging amazing is job one.” Probably the most provoking bit of advice I’ve ever heard.

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